Payton noted his frustration with the officiating in the game, which the Falcons won 20-17.

When you see the Giants benching Eli Manning, how cutthroat and ruthless is the business side of the NFL?

But now it is done, easing the tension that was expected at this week’s meeting in Irving. Many ownership and league sources say they now suspect that Jones and other owners will push for significant staffing changes among the league’s executive vice presidents and for changes to how Goodell handles player disciplinary matters.

But with the contract done, the only question, as an owner told ESPN, is when Jones speaks during the one-per-club meeting on Wednesday, “Will he be entertaining, or will he fall flat?”

The Saints coach charged out on the field and angrily gestured and yelled at an official who had not seen him signaling for a timeout.

“I called a timeout, and then he asked me again, and I said I have already called a timeout,” Payton said after the game. “I probably said it with a little more vigor than I was supposed to but I had enough. I have to be smarter than that.”

The Saints were flagged 11 times for 87 yards, while the Falcons were penalized four times for 35 yards.

“It was just one of those games. I have never seen anything like it,” Payton said. “I have never been a part of a game like that and it is frustrating but our guys will bounce back.”royals_088