Why the Dodgers are good enough to justify their boring offseason

At some point, you just have to get over it. Many or maybe all of us have survived a threshold moment. In a literal life-or-death situation, it’s called the quietus — that moment when the living ceases to exist in this realm and moves on to whatever comes next.

The NFL said it was unaware of the report that UNLV had produced for the Raiders and declined to comment for this story.

King had some up-and-down moments as a rookie. But he has the size/length/speed combo (6-3, 200 pounds) to elevate under new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, and he already has shown the ability to play press-man coverage and the physicality to challenge routes.

Think more man coverage where King can get up in the grill of opposing wide receivers and track the ball like he did on his college tape at Washington. The talent is there. And so is the toughness. King will play hurt and tackle, and he’s a solid fit for Pettine and a Green Bay defensive identity that needs to change after Dom Capers, who had been in charge of the unit since 2009, was fired.

Cohen checked in with 723 yards from scrimmage and three scores in 2017, coming on 87 rushes and 53 catches. But Cohen’s electric talent wasn’t fully exploited — he didn’t see the consistent touches or scripted matchups I expected to see.

Meanwhile, if we’re to believe that his offensive performance over the past three years is his true talent level, then he’s worth about 29 runs more than the average hitter every 600 plate appearances. If he’s an average defensive first baseman — we’re skeptical of that possibility but being generous — and an average baserunner (ditto), then he’d be worth about 4.5 or 5 whooplas. He might get better as a hitter as he ages, but he’ll probably get worse as a defender and baserunner, as ballplayers have done forever (50 years). That’s about 35 or 40 WAR through 1925, with some generous assumptions.

As such, he’d have to either be a much better hitter than we’re giving him credit for, or he’d have to get a lot better as he ages and gets more hitting experience, or you’d have to be very frightened of his arm blowing out, or your team would have to be much more in need of a left-handed slugger than a left-handed ace. Any of these might be true, though we don’t think the word slugger has been invented yet, so maybe not that one.

The Brewers threatened in the bottom of the sixth. After Thames homered, they put runners on the corners, but reliever Bud Norris struck out Orlando Arcia on a 2-2 slider to end the threat.

The Brewers lost their fourth straight home opener.