The Chiefs should’ve let Derrick Henry score to have a chance at overtime

Titans running back Derrick Henry converted an enormous first down on third-and-10 as Tennessee was trying to run the clock out with a bit under two minutes left. The Chiefs tackled him. Huge mistake.

There are so many small things. The crucifix around Fitzpatrick’s neck is always centered. As he traveled the South to pick up individual honors this month—among others, he won the Chuck Bednarik Award, given to the nation’s best defensive player—he had the Alabama staff call ahead to make sure the hotel spas could accommodate treatments for his sore left hamstring. When he took photos with each trophy, he adjusted his hands so as not to cover the plaque’s face. He corrects his mother when she mixes up there and their in texts. He follows his siblings and two-year-old nephew around his dorm when they visit, straightening up whatever they knock over.

Twice in the first half, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan lobbed a pass into coverage that could’ve been intercepted by the Eagles if not for Jones making a pass breakup.

“Be your own man,” Aron implored his son. “Never be a follower.” And Stefon would define himself by those words—even more than by his ability to change direction at top speed or execute ankle-breaking stutter-steps. At Good Counsel (Md.) High he ran a small business selling custom jeans, splattered with colorful paint and snipped up with scissors. Today he drives a silver Jeep with a football-sized Jurassic Park decal slapped across the driver’s side door, and throughout this season he wore cleats designed to honor Eminem, Kobe Bryant and SpongeBob SquarePants. In warmups he’s prone to skip around the sideline in skintight short-shorts, playing catch with children in the stands.

But this wasn’t any normal interception by Myles Jack. He looked like a wide receiver by looking the football in and making sure he got his feet in bounds:

The last time these two teams played, Roethlisberger threw five interceptions. On Pittsburgh’s second drive Sunday, he’s got one more.patriots_112_8a74ff4bcdd79766-180x180

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie dances like nobody’s watching in the locker room after beating the Falcons

The Philadelphia Eagles came into Saturday’s Divisional Round against the Falcons as underdogs. They won, 15-10, after the closest finish of the postseason thus far.

However, referees said they were reviewing the previous play, and so that play did not count. The play was then ruled incomplete, and the clock would be reset to 14 seconds as opposed to just five.

After an incomplete pass to Sammy Watkins and a holding that moved them back 10 yards, the Rams decided to play it safe, and took a field goal to go into the half down 13-10.

But it was a weird end to the half, to say the least.

Way back when Ben McAdoo was running this offense, Beckham was indispensable. McAdoo’s offense is iso routes all the time, requiring receivers to win their battles without the help of being schemed open. Beckham was not only capable of winning against double teams, but he required a double on every snap, allowing the rest of the receivers (and they had some awful ones in 2016) to work against single coverage.

What an incredible finish to the Saints-Vikings game! As if dishing out the game-winning touchdown pass wasn’t enough, Vikings quarterback Case Keenum took the moment to bask in the comeback victory.

He got the crowd started with a celebratory skol Vikings chant. And from there, the fans at U.S. Bank Stadium joined him in unison. As soon as he clapped, the fans nearby clapped. Then once they clapped, more and more fans started clapping and chanting until the entire stadium joined in. Just like Keenum, you should also take a second and just get lost in the thunderous festivities.

He’s kinda lucky he didn’t get penalized for it. Last season, Seahawks safety Earl Thomas gave a referee a hug and got called for a penalty.

To be fair, Thomas’ hug was a surprise, and much more aggressive, than Peters’.

Mularkey, 56, took over as the Titans’ interim head coach in the middle of the 2015 season after Ken Whisenhunt was fired, and he had the interim tag removed in January 2016.

Tennessee has seen improvements under Mularkey, who coached the team to a 9-7 record last season, their first winning record since 2011. However, they did not make the playoffs last season.

The Titans barely made it into this season’s playoffs by winning Week 17 against the Jaguars, which secured the team a spot in the postseason for the first time in nine years.patriots_096_4ec9c9e7da293581-180x180

The Jaguars got called for taunting on a fumble return TD, and it was absolutely worth it

The hatin’-ass Jaguars are back.

With the Steelers driving down 21-7, Jacksonville’s daunting defense came up with a strip sack of Ben Roethlisberger, which Telvin Smith returned for a touchdown:

I never want to wake up one day if something truly disastrous happens as a direct result of this president’s actions or inactions and say, “Why didn’t I say anythingWhy was I silent?” I respect your right to criticize me, but to say it’s a media lynch mob … Chad, I assume you didn’t spend any time in journalism school in your life. I just wish you had. We’re about calling it the way we see it, most of us, and about trying to report—and comment on—facts.

The Panthers signed him in October after Graham Gano was on Carolina’s injury report with knee soreness, but never saw action.

Even when defenders seem to have him cornered, when it looks like there is no way for him to escape, he’s still difficult to tackle him. Why? Simple, Kamara says. “Cuz I’m not trying to get tackled.” He just seems slippery. “Like water,” he adds. “I’m flowing.”

Kamara also points out that the Saints “allow me to be me.” His look, his personality, his vibe, embody the spirit of New Orleans. Fans now wear gold teeth to the Superdome, fake dreadlocks on their heads, bull nose rings in their septa. His ability, Kamara says, to be “organic and authentic” in his new city is a main factor in his success. The energy is right, the perfect fit of franchise, city and player. After touchdowns, he’s leapt into the Superdome stands and sat down, just one of the crowd, openly and proudly being Alvin Kamara, an eccentric, suddenly famous, in a city where eccentrics thrive.

Perhaps the disconnect came because other people view a victory as a victory. Fitzpatrick sets a goal, meets it and begins anew. Harris had walked by the photo of the Thorpe Award in his friend’s locker all year. So after Fitzpatrick won that and the Bednarik Award in the same night, Harris called to congratulate him. He was too late.

Per the NFL’s release, she’s done seven studio albums, one greatest hits album, sold over 50 million album equivalents, over 75 million singles, over 2.4 million DVDs worldwide, and has had 15 singles in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She’s also won three Grammy Awards after being nominated 18 times over the course of her career — which seems good! Her latest endeavors include her 2018 Beautiful Trauma World tour, which is set to kick off on March 1 in Phoenix.

Pink will be succeeding Luke Bryan as the most recent national anthem singer. Bryan sang the anthem prior to the Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl last season in Houston — which turned out to be a pretty good game.

The Falcons and Rams are slipping and sliding on the terrible field at The Coliseum

The Falcons and Rams are slipping all over the place in their Wild Card matchup in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The turf is in bad shape, and it’s looking worse minute by minute.

In the fourth quarter, Ryan was able to keep just enough footing to find Julio Jones for a touchdown to go up 26-13:

A new field was installed at the Coliseum after the college season wrapped up. Cris Collinsworth said on the broadcast that when a new field is put in, and with the humidity in the air, players’ cleats just can’t get any traction.

Demetrius Harris will be getting more time as Kelce is evaluated, and played in 16 games this season. He had 18 receptions for 224 yards and a touchdown on the season.

Fast forward to June, though, and Durant delivered proof that he and the Warriors could meet in the middle. Golden State torched through the playoffs with its beautiful ball movement, as Durant and Stephen Curry formed a devastating one-two punch that opponents never solved. Ironically, though, the most memorable play of a five-game Finals victory over Cleveland was all Durant. Down two with less than a minute to play in Game 3, the four-time scoring champ claimed a defensive rebound and pushed the ball up the court by himself, hunting for a shot. With LeBron James back on his heels inside the three-point line, Durant stepped into a pull-up three from the left wing. The cold-blooded shot swished through, silencing the crowd and sending Golden State to a commanding 3-0 series lead. In the immediate aftermath, no one questioned his shot selection, and surely Green was “thrilled” with the win.

Durant’s three-pointer delivered validation in many forms. It proved that he hadn’t messed up the Warriors’ mojo. It proved that the so-called “Mr. Unreliable” could come through in the clutch. It proved that his decision to leave Oklahoma City would end with his first title, an achievement most observers expected (or demanded). And it proved that he could triumph head-to-head over James, whom he had spent most of the last decade chasing. The shot also begged a question that will define the NBA in 2018 and beyond: When will Durant surpass James as the sport’s top talent?

One of the top high school prospects in the country, Rosen committed to UCLA and started right away as a true freshman. He mostly lived up to the hype in his first year, making the Freshman All-American team and leading the Bruins to an 8-5 record.patriots_013_88452582c1c23a0c-180x180

Who told Nike people love wearing gray?

This design looks like someone at Nike realized that they still hadn’t come up with a Spurs design the day before the uniform release. The camo is so ugly, and making it 50 shades of gray makes it even worse. I would rather be forced to interview Gregg Popovich after a terrible third quarter than ever be seen wearing these in public.

These uniforms look like something a generic high school basketball team would wear during the montage of our heroes’ winning streak in a teen movie. The yellow brightens this up a little but I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing. LeBron is going to look so bad in these.

He was honored as inductee to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame 1984, about six years after the Celtics retired his No.I have the talent and the drive necessary, Boozer concluded.Yes, the Nets are more fun with , nobody is disputing that much, but are a couple of wins worth any extra injuries?Once destined to shatter Ulis ‘ single- assist record, De’Aaron Fox really have to get his act together to crack the top 5.The ball was picked up by defensive end Adrian Clayborn who then rumbled his way to the promised land for a touchdown to further extend the Falcons lead.

Basketball, and the Seattle Times and Tacoma News Tribune Player of the Year.I am sure you knew this was going to back fire your face, maybe not but think about what you are going to type before you do it next time please.Hargreaves started 37 three seasons for the Gators, piling up 10 career interceptions and first-team All-SEC honors his sophomore and years.With added playing time and added responsibility, it appears the coaching staff has finally taken all restraints off the oft-injured receiver.

What would a win for the sports leagues look likeStatus quo for the foreseeable future, as Nevada would continue to monopolize legalized U.S. sports betting in some fashion. The leagues, however, would be actively lobbying Congress to amend or replace PASPA with a more modernized statute that protects their interests and recognizes societal change on this issue. (I am sure that process has already begun.) As I continue to point out, it will become increasingly difficult for the sports leagues to reconcile their mixed messages regarding sports gambling.

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has called for a re-examination of sports gambling. And the two more reticent leagues, the NFL and NHL, have lost moral ground in the integrity space, having both placed franchises in Las Vegas.

I recently shared a panel with Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards and a legalization advocate, who may have said it best regarding legalized sports betting: “What are we afraid of here?”

Fang celebrates the three Boston Red Sox World Championships the 21st Century, but continues to be a -suffering Cleveland Browns fan.It doesn’t sound like that’s going to be McAdoo’s approach his first as coach.And not just one, but two, mystery teams are apparently involved!It wasn’t to be.CUETO UPDATE: The Giants now expect Cueto to join camp this weekend.

it is clear there is still work for Colorado to continue developing their new playing style.

Whatever despair, frustration or negativity awaited Jozy Altidore upon his return from Trinidad was limited by the walls of his Toronto home and the confines of his own head.

The spell immediately following the USA’s shock elimination from the 2018 World Cup was “one of the toughest periods of my life,” Altidore told reporters in mid-October. “The darkest three days, I didn’t really leave the house or do anything.”

Shot by Kessel.We were really chugging, but we weren’t gelling like we needed to until those last couple drives that we needed.Wiggins spent about 50 hours on defensive drills his one college , working on footwork and technique dealing with screens and actions, terminology and systems, etc.As example against New England he played really well but had seven dropped passes.By the November night when the title defense ended and Ohio State lost on the last play to Michigan State wind, sleet and rain , Jones was back on the bench, having lost once and for all the starting job he had won before the began.

It’s time to say goodbye, but it won’t be easy.Among National League pitchers, T11th strikeouts , 4th complete , T2nd shutouts , 17th , 6th SB pct.We will find out enough.Whether it’s starting quarterback Case Keenum or rookie Goff, the ball is coming to Higbee, and Higbee is consistently making the catches.These ancient Celtic associations, though, could be representative of Nordtvedt’s calculation of a time to most recent common ancestor for U152 that falls within the range for the volcanic destruction of the city and territory of ancient Italy circa 1800 and 1750 B.Pass to Toews.

For example, the NFL became the center of gravity in the sports galaxy because it was perfectly suitable for two powerful American institutions: It was easy to televise and it was easy to bet on. Without a wink-and-a-nod to the nation’s gamblers, there are no NFL public injury reports. The NFL and its broadcast partners have adjusted seamlessly to the rise of fantasy sports; check out the crawl at the bottom of the screen when you watch your pregame shows next Sunday.

Despite all its howling, and despite the rising legal fees incurred by fighting this case to the end, the sports-industrial complex will be fine if the Supreme Court rules against it. Which is as it should be. The Founders—gamesters, many of them—would understand. George and Tom would be in for a four-team parlay, and Mr. Madison’s would slip his profligate stepson a 10-spot to lay down on the Steelers. And, of course, none of them would hire Aaron Burr to hold the money.

Here’s at deeper look at the key news, moves and views from around pro hoops: Per .com: As of last night, a source said the Cavs weren’t sure if they would sign one of the four players immediately or near March 1, the deadline for players to be bought out from their contracts and be playoff eligible.You don’t just come into the National Football League and dominate the line of scrimmage.He really sprung off the ball, Haslett said.Goaltender B has the far better goals against average, yet he has faced thirty less shots a game than Goaltender A, making twenty-eight less saves a game than Goaltender A.He got out front, took it down the line, just all-or-nothing swing and he got all of it.

Will it be as the unabashed shot taker who willed his teams to success with his singular drive?

While Bryant’s five rings are the go-to argument stopper for anyone daring to question his legacy, it’s remarkable to see how Bryant was essentially rewarded for his inefficiency. Forget his 60-points-on-50-shots walk-off game. In Bryant’s 2005–06 season, when he averaged 35.4 points per game, his true shooting percentage was 55.9%. This year’s MVP favorite, James Harden, is averaging 31.5 points per game with a true shooting percentage of 62.3%.

Kobe, in his determination to be the best, eschewed friends for shots. (Seriously, he spent years trying to trademark the phrase, “Friends Hang Sometimes, Banners Hang Forever.”) Friendships may not be the key to today’s NBA, but teamwork certainly is. The Warriors are successful in part because everyone embraces their role, and Stephen Curry was willing to give up some individual accolades to bring Kevin Durant into the fold. You can argue the Warriors maybe went too far in welcoming a postseason rival of equal superstar stature to their team; it wouldn’t surprise you if Bryant—in his prime—never even entertained the thought. (Though that’s not to say Kobe didn’t realize he needed help.)

So how will Bryant be remembered? Or will it be as the unabashed shot taker who could have been even more successful had he cared even the slightest about efficiency?

I’m sure, as a husband, he wants to make sure his wife is happy possibly moving to a new place.He had seven, 13, and seven sacks his first three seasons.Took normal two weeks off and then started things back the gym, Porcello said.All years pro ball, I’ve never been late.It’s hard to get people out, , and it was game to game for me.If I eat something terrible, I ‘t do best on the practice field or a game, he said.

Ramirez, RH Deolis Guerra, LH Alvarez, RH Morin.I’m fine with doing what he did.The Colonials were outrebounded 43.Well, I need better sources, I guess.With him being a parent first and a coach second, he has just admitted that he is his own problem.

He won a lot of for us.All areas are of personal significance to , including Baltimore, MD; Greater NYC and Westchester, NY; Alcoa, TN; Detroit, ; and Louisville, excellent punt returner, however, which should help his stock.You just feel like you’re a part of something.

Which was the real Cardale?This team, , this team.LeBron earned 7 free throws per 48 minutes as a rookie thanks large part to those talents and skills.But now it’s starting to look like they can do without.Vargas was batting .255 .435 with 14 home runs and 53 RBI through 82 games this Triple-A.chargers_108

Week 16 NFL Kickoff: Happy holidays with a playoff-impactful slate

The Raiders desperately need to win on the road to keep their faint playoff hopes alive. Oakland has to beat the Eagles and then the Chargers (7-7) next week and hope the Chiefs (8-6) stumble in order to claim a playoff berth. The Eagles, on the other hand, have clinched the NFC East and can earn homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs with a win Monday.

The Monday night game in Philadelphia is the second of two on Christmas, following the Steelers-Titans game (4:30 p.m., NBC, NFL Network, Amazon Prime). The Steelers (11-3) will clinch a first-round bye with a win in Houston and a Jaguars loss to the 49ers (4:05 p.m., Sunday, CBS). Pittsburgh has clinched the AFC North and will have to protect against a letdown against the Titans (4-10) after Sunday’s disappointing loss to the Patriots.

Burfict was making his way toward Bell when David Decastro came for the block and hit Burfict helmet-to-helmet.However as stated at the beginning, this is not any ordinary story and even with Spygate before it, it certainly makes for some interesting television.Barring any injuries, should enter 2017 as the clear lead back a hopefully improved offense.Marquette won the championship 65 to 53.

When he did the field, however, Sankey was very inefficient according to our metrics.He swatted 83 homers, 566 hits and likely leaves with an Adjusted OPS+ of 100.Nine months after shoulder surgery, and 11 since he appeared…It was the proudest day of his life, says Bratton.teaching philosophy is based around the three R’s: relationships, relevance and rigor.

Coach Ben McAdoo is familiar with Gould, having faced him 17 times his eight seasons as assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers.White, Ottawa Senators prospect, had surgery on his left wrist two months ago and was not expected on the ice during camp.It was a direct response to Boucher’s defensive formation.He pitched very well as a rookie starting 28 , posting a 3 earned run average, and striking out 173 batters 171 innings.GOOLD: This is a question of .chargers_035

Bills send Bengals a special gift for helping them make the playoffs

They’re feeling pretty good in Buffalo right now after the Bills clinched their first playoff appearance since 1999.

But the Bills’ 22-16 win over the Dolphins in Miami wasn’t enough alone to break the drought. Buffalo also needed the Bengals to defeat the Ravens, and that situation appeared dire until Bengals receiver Tyler Boyd hauled in a 49-yard touchdown pass in the final minute to sink the Ravens, 31-27.

Arians was the NFL’s Coach of the Year in 2012 after he led the Colts to an 11-5 record and an AFC South title in Pagano’s absence. The Cardinals hired Arians a season later and he was again the league’s Coach of the Year in 2014 when he took the Cardinals to the playoffs. The Cardinals won the NFC West and advanced to the NFC championship game a season later, but have missed the postseason the last two years while plagued by injuries.

Arians developed a reputation as a quarterback guru, helping players like Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck and Carson Palmer post career highs. While Palmer was among Cardinals players injured the last two seasons, Arians has also battled health issues that led to Monday’s retirement.

The Trail Blazers are actually the fourth-most efficient defense in the league and the sixth-best transition defense, so even if we get a full effort from James, there’s no guarantee that he’ll pay off his hefty price tag. Yes, Portland is on the second night of a back-to-back, but I don’t think they will have a problem getting up for this game, especially considering that they don’t play again until Friday. Besides, I prefer to build a well-rounded lineup tonight, as opposed to a “stars and scrubs” approach.

The most painful is probably on the inner wrist when you block and expose your wrists.One connection that Shipley has to the Ravens is that the Ravens Run Game Coordinator Juan Castillo was the Eagles offensive line coach 2010 when Shipley was with them.I feel like if you’re not growing, what are you doing?They’re from Entertainment Tonight, and they’ve come to Alzado.Memorial visitation Saturday, 2 until 4 p.m.But he has it now, and he has to adjust and be courageous and make it happen.This Crabbe’s first D-League assignment of the .is alleged to have conspired with and even paid to recruit for Impact Sports and White.He has a career-high .571 effective field goal percentage and his 1 nERD ranks him 46th among all players.I don’t feel any different.astros_037

Iowa cornerback Josh Jackson announed on Instagram Wednesday he is declaring for the NFL Draft.

“After discussing with my coaches, family, and a lot of prayer I have decided to declare for the 2018 NFL Draft,” he wrote. “I cannot thank Coach Parker, Coach Ferentz & Coach Doyle enough for the opportunity to wear the Black and Gold, and for all of their support in growing me into the man, and Hawkeye, I am today.”

The Chicago Bears need to think about only one thing while they look for their next head coach: offense.

“I have to get this shoulder taken care of,” Siemian said, via The Denver Post. “I’ll do that, and then, just like everybody else, come back to work and get better.”

The decision to have surgery comes after the quarterback underwent an evaluation in Los Angeles.

He is expected to need two to three months for recovery, which would mean he would miss the conditioning portion of the Broncos’ offseason program, but the timetable puts him ready to return for the start of organized team activities (OTAs) in the spring.

Stopped by McElhinney without a rebound.Good guards make good college basketball teams.scores 28 points and has 10 rebounds as the Pacers roll past the Heat, 102.But once the pads came on training camp, and particularly the Bills’ preseason opener, HankTime was a colossal mess.And he isn’t upset about the position he’s .The delegation of 12 – , , Martellus , Delanie , Kendricks, Cameron , Stills, Calais Campbell, Carlos Hyde, Dan , Forsett, and ESPN commentator and former linebacker Kirk Morrison – visit Rambam hospital Haifa, the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum Jerusalem and the Black Hebrew community the southern city of Dimona, according to a statement.Breslow, 36, pitched 42 and had a 1 for the Twins 2008 after being claimed on waivers from .I would imagine that due to McGary having a great offensive skill set that he time at either 4 or 5 pretty regularly perhaps with the team just going more when he is at 4.The frustrating part all of this, is that the one interception that has come all camp, was intercepted, by yes, you guessed it IQ.

Byrd attended high school Mustang, Okla., near Oklahoma City, before starring at the University of Tulsa.Yeah I it is not for me necessarily but it was also strange I’ll bring martial.On Monday, was expected to frequently line up against All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron , who has 20 sacks his first two seasons.Where a fence already stands, the surrounding dirt and grass tell the stories of those who try to cross it, those who patrol it and those who live next to it.Get your money.He’s been solid ever since he’s been here, said.